Mission Zone

Mission Zone

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Returned With Honor Video

Welcome Home Elder Hodson


Thursday, February 18, 2016....

Riley was scheduled to arrive at 10:55 pm.  His flight was an hour delayed!  It was a long time to wait!!!  What a joyous end to his two year service to the Lord!  So proud of our Riley Ray!!



Last Day in the Mission Home

President & Sister Klein hosted all the exiting missionaries in their home!  Played "Qwirkle" & fed him well!  What wonderful servants of the Lord these two are!

A few gems found on Facebook!

Posted by Riley's mission presidents wife, Sister Klein!

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Week 102 - Last Week of the Mission!

Big Gulps huh?

Dearest family and friends,

Its come to an end. I cant believe it. But its here. 

Well. This last week was great. Another highly succesful weeks. I feel great about my work here. I have planted more seeds than any other area ive been in. The next assistent is going to love me! haha I really do feel satisfied. I wouldve liked to have baptized more, clearly, but for an area to really flourish, it needs elders willing to plant seeds every time as to not "reinvent the wheel" every time theres changes. 

I had my last interview with president klein this week. That was FANTASTIC!!! I felt so great about my future. I am so grateful to have been here with that giant of a man. God didnt assign me to be the assistant because I was the best, he assigned me here because only President Klein was going to be able to humble me this much. He has chopped me at the roots these last three changes and has helped me so much. 

Well. During my mission I have learned a few things. Let me share them with you.

1. God is our loving heavenly father and he is ALWAYS working for our benefit. He hears our prayers and he is ALWAYS willing to answer if we are willing to act. Revelation is real. Without it, we cannot have a testimony.

2. We are children of god. As such, we have the potential to do ALL things because He can do all things. There is no task to large for us. And when it is, He sends angels. I KNOW that is true.

3. Jesus is the Christ. Only through him can we return to live with God. He also loves us. He invites us to come unto him. He is my friend and my savior. 

4. The Book of Mormon is the word of God. It is the greatest tool the Lord has given us in these latter days. I LOVE testifying of its truthfulness. I have LOVED carrying one in my hand every day these past 2 years. 

The gospel is simple. We must follow it. 

I have loved the mission, I will miss working for the Lord everyday, but I do not feel regret for my work. My time is up, and Im not upset about it. Im excited really. I miss you all and I cant wait to see all your shining faces and feel of your testimonies. 

Elder Riley Hodson
Honduras San Pedro Sula East Mission

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Week 101

Wrapping it up

Dearest Family and Friends,

Well! Lifes just going great! Chugging along. This week has been pretty interesting. Ive had divisons all week long with the ZLs so its been fun to work with them and see how everyone else is working! 

So this week we found a less active man who also is married to a member of the church but the both of them are inactive members from years back and they now attend another church. But they still invited us in. They have 2 teenage children that also listen to us. Its awesome to visit someone like them because when we first show up, they have their apostasy from their new church and its kinda funny. But as we teach, the spirit comes in and touches their hearts like the first time they had received the missionaries. At the end of the lesson, they act and think like members again! Its awesome what the spirit can do. 

The school teach i talked about last week, Flor and her son Bryan, are doing awesome! They told us last night how great theyve felt since we showed up at their house. Theyre already seeing blessings and already known that we have been sent from God. I just have loved seeing these past 2 years how God is always preparing his children to listen to us. 

I love you all! See you in 11 days!

Elder Hodson